When giving thanks, it is easy for us to focus upon the blessings we receive in this world . It is right that we should be grateful for these things. However, anything we receive in this world cannot be compared with the spiritual blessings we receive in Christ. Only as we focus on them will we be able to persevere and live the life God calls us to.
Join us this Sunday as we look at “Thankful for What?”

“We are asked to be subject to those who rule over us. This is not an isolated command. The whole of the Christian life is one of submission to authority. Yet we rebel at the very sound of the word submit, especially when it is applied to other human beings. Only when we have a very big God will we be able to submit to him as he directs us and submit to other”Please Join us this Sunday at 9:00 am as Phil talks about “How Big is Your God?”.