When Adam & Eve obeyed the Serpent, they chose him as their ruler instead of God. Fallen humanity wants to be the captain of their own fate, but is doing so becomes slaves to sin and the serpent. God has to send a Saviour to make it possible for us to serve him as King.Approaching Christmas we need to think about whether our aspirations for Christmas align with God’s.

In Romans 16 we see the Gospel with flesh & bones.
People with diversity in race, gender and social class unified through the Gospel and serving Christ together.Join us this Sunday as we consider what it means to be right with God – together.

The inclusion of the Gentiles was Promised to the Patriarchs; Prophesied in the Prophets; Made possible by Christ; Started by the Apostles; To be Fulfilled by the Church.
Join us this Sunday as we look at the purposes of God to include the Gentiles in his plan for a new creation and how we fulfill our part in his plan.

Christians are called to grow into maturity in Christ, but none of us are there yet.
There are weak & strong Christians and a lot in between. What is a weak Christian? What is a Strong Christian? How are they to relate to one another?
Join us this Sunday as we look at Romans 14 and ask, “Am I the Weaker Brother?”.