God is love, but If God is a singularity, how could he be love in eternity? There would be no one to love.
Join us this Sunday to see why salvation lies in our knowing God as Father through the Son by the Spirit. Only a triune God can love and only a triune God can offer a Christian salvation.

Elizabeth saw the birth of her son as the Lord taking away her disgrace among the people. He certainly did that but the Lord’s plan was to do much more. He was going to take away the reproach of his people.

Join us this Sunday. “Only 6 months to Christmas”

How the prophesies of the Old Testament fit into the plans and purposes of God can only be understood when they are read in the light of the Cross with the illumination of the Spirit.
Join us this Sunday as we look at the expectations the Jews had about the coming of their Messiah and consider our own expectations for his coming.

God reveals that his promised deliverer will be a descendant of David, God’s anointed. He will give his people rest in a place they cannot be disturbed and he will reign forever.

Join us this Sunday as we see that though it looks like the sin of Israel will prevent this from happening, God’s plans cannot be prevented. God promises to raise up a shoot from Jesse’s stump. God will shepherd his people with his servant David ruling over them.