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(as at January 2020)

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  1. Cost – $400/including GST (all inclusive)

  2. The main furniture in the church is not to be moved without permission.

  3. Please do not use pins anywhere into furniture, walls etc. “Blu Tac” may be used on the ends of the pews only, but must be removed afterwards. “Blue Tac” and sticky tape may not be used on the walls (It can remove the paint).

  4. Subject to the concurrence of our own minister, a minister of your own choice is free to conduct the service.

  5. The church has both pipe organ and other musical equipment. Mr Bruce Lang, who is the preferred pipe organist, charges separately for his services. Any alternative pipe organist must be approved by Mr Lang as it is a valuable instrument. Our electronic keyboard is available for use by a competent musician.

  6. Multi-media. The church maintains audio and projection systems which are available for use.

  7. The church maintains a “flowers” roster for normal church services. If you plan to supply your own it would be appreciated if you could advise us whether you intend to remove them after your service.

  8. On the day of the funeral a church representative would be present to open and close the buildings at a time required by the funeral director.

  9. Any breakage or damage to church items or property must be reported as soon as possible to the Property Contact Officer and, as agreed, must be repaired or replaced within an agreed time frame.

  10. Supply and use of alcoholic and addictive substances nor any gambling activity is not allowed on the premises.

If you find a problem with the facilities, please let us know, as we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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