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(as at January 2020)

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A. Private function rooms.               $200/ including GST (For first 4 hours, then $50 per hour thereafter) + insurance cost*

B. Funeral – used for refreshments.   $350/including GST + insurance cost*

C. Wedding – reception                   $350/including GST + insurance cost*

D. Regular Use                             $30 per hour/incl GST + own liability insurance

           * currently $88


  • Chairs are to be stacked (in multiples of 7-8 high) and placed in single rows on both sides of the southern wall. For safety reasons, please use the chair mover (as supplied) and ensure that chairs face into the wall and not out into hall.
  • For easy access, plastic folding tables are stored in the front corners of the hall. However, we do require that any used are to be cleaned, folded and returned there after use.
  • The wooden mobile trays are to be stored against the eastern wall of the hall foyer – opposite the front door.
  • All small blue tables are to be stored against the kitchen wall of the stage.
  • All movable partitions are to be stored against the eastern wall of the foyer.
  • The floor is to be left clean (brooms are supplied in the kitchen cupboard opposite the kitchen sinks).

Deck (lifter available by prior arrangement)










Kitchen, adjoining waiting area and toilets










  • For safety reasons, use of cooking/heating equipment, crockery, cutlery and utensils is only permitted by prior arrangement/instruction and it is the responsibility of the organisers to ensure they are cleaned (as necessary) with hot water/detergent (as supplied under the sink) and returned to the allocated cupboards/positions.
  • The bench sink area and tables are to be left vacant.
  • The floor is to be swept with the brooms (as supplied in the kitchen cupboard opposite the kitchen sinks).
  • Food is not permitted to be stored on site, unless by prior agreement and, for safety reasons, boxes cannot be stored on top of the cupboards. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises, nor any activities of gambling.

Toilets  At the conclusion of the activity please ensure the toilets are flushed and the taps over the hand basins are not leaking, close the door to the toilet area and turn off the light – either from the switch in the waiting area or above the external door that leads to the toilet. Lights operate by sensor.

Deck Please ensure that your clients/guests and their families respect our property and we encourage you to be pro-active in asking people to respect our property, not allowing plants to be damaged, etc.. Lights operate by sensor.

Wall Posters Although our church organisations permanently display posters etc, (which must not be removed) we are unable to offer this facility to you.  However, posters can be displayed on the walls (attached by blutac) during the activity but cannot be permanently displayed.  Although the fixed notice boards in the waiting room are only for church use, we are happy to discuss possible provision of a designated storage area for any material you wish to display on a regular basis.

Storage  This may be provided as a courtesy and the Church accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any of the user’s property stored on the premises.  No dangerous materials should be stored on the premises.  The user will provide a key to any locked storage.

Breakage/Damage Any breakage or damage to church items or property must be reported as soon as possible to the Property Contact Officer and, as agreed, must be repaired or replaced within an agreed time frame.

Rubbish Users are asked to empty their rubbish by placing it in the council bins adjacent to the double gates leading to the deck.  Boxes are to be compacted prior to placement in the re-cycle bin. Any excess rubbish to be removed from the property

On Leaving On leaving the premises please ensure all fans and lights have been switched off, all windows and doors are shut and locked. If you gained entrance to the property using the “key safe” facility at the front door of the hall, please ensure that when entering and leaving the premises, the key is returned to the black box, the box is locked and the code changed from the access numbers provided. If you have been allocated an actual key, it must be removed from the lock after locking the door and returned as arranged.

If you find a problem with the facilities, please let us know, as we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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