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Welcome to our Publications Page.

Below is a growing library of publications produced by both CPC & the Presbyterian Church of Queensland, that relate to aspects of church life & what the Bible says about different aspects of society.

Living for Jesus doesn’t stop when you leave the church building on a Sunday, but it’s a way of life the has Jesus as your Lord & Saviour, a lifestyle that doesn’t stop learning, growing or interacting within the world around it. So at CPC we want to better equip each other to understand what the Bible says about how we are to live out the Gospel in every area of our life.

All documents are in PDF for ease of viewing & downloading.

A Paper on the Plebiscite from the Gospel in Society Today Committee.

PCQ Assembly response paper on Domestic Violence

Article on Domestic Violence from Pulse 2016

An Introduction to Membership

Abortion & the Gospel

Baptism: What it is & What it isn’t

Thoughts on the Westminster Confession of Faith

GiST Letter to Prime Minister (May 2014)

Humanity & the Gospel

Protection Policy for Children and Young People

PCQ Privacy Policy

PCQ Privacy Policy Brochure

 A Girl’s Guide to Marrying Well

 A Guy’s Guide to Marrying Well