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It was a huge day at Majestic Park yesterday celebrating Australia Day in style; thong throwing, Tim Tam drinking, water balloon hot potato, footy, soccer, talking, relaxing, & the list goes on. We’ve uploaded a few pics, plus a few favourites from other Aussie Days, onto our Facebook page which you can check out here

hey it’s great to see that our page has reached over 100 likes, thank you everyone for helping us connect with our community & our city.

Feel free to keep sharing our FB page or this website (which you can share by clicking the bottom right hand corner of the page) with anyone you know who is looking for a Church Family, we’d love to meet them and welcome them in.

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Can’t wait.MensBreakfastFlierFeb2015

Our Men’s Breakfast are kicking off again for the new year in February, so head to coorparoo.org.au & lock in all the dates.

Join us Saturday 14th February @ 7:30am for the 1st breakfast of 2015.

Yes that’s right, same day as Valentine’s day…more details to come.


This week Phil Case returns after a well deserved break & takes us into the New Testament books of Matthew & 1 Timothy.

Sunday we’ll look at the 1st of 2 messages on “Godliness & Money”.

God has made us to be a people after his own image, & He has predestined us to be conformed to the image of his Son. Jesus attitude toward earthly wealth is to become our attitude, so therefore we do well to know & understand Jesus teaching on us & money. Our attitude & use of money is a good diagnostic to where our heart is.

Join us for the next 2 weeks,
8:30am & 10am

With a great morning at Church today we finished our series through 2 Peter; Everything for Life & Godliness.

Over the next 2 weeks we’ll be looking at some topical sermons before we begin our next major series for the year; “the Bible in 10”.

This Sunday we open the last chapter of Peter’s 2nd letter to the early Church.

2 weeks ago we saw Peter urging the Church to resist the growing sin & false teaching surrounding them, & too instead continue in lives of godliness; lives that are about who you now are in Christ & rejecting who you were in sin, living lives shaped & influenced by the Gospel, transformed by the Gospel, lives that love & live for Jesus, & which seek to be in-tune with how God desires us to live.

Last week we again saw Peter urging the Church to continue in godliness by remaining a “Certain Church within an Uncertain World”; remaining a people with a certain, fixed, unshakeable faith within a uncertain world marred by false teachers & sin, & to remain a certain kind of people that stand apart from the rest as beacons of truth & hope within a world of uncertainty, chaos & need.

This week as Peter continues to remind us that we have everything we need for life & godliness, we’ll see him point us to Jesus as he confronts some of the false teaching about Jesus return.
Peter urges believers to “look to the King” & live focused on Him
instead of being swept up into a life of unholiness & sin by false teaching.

join us for the conclusion of 2 Peter this Sunday2peterpromo

The new dates are up at for our upcoming Men’s & Women’s Breakfasts & Events. Some events are still to be confirmed but the dates have been finalised, so lock them in.

Click here to check them out.

This Sunday we’ll be diving back into the Apostle Peter’s 2nd letter to the early Church.

Having already urged believers to continue in godliness amidst false teachings, Peter now examines those false teachers & reminds believers of the certainty they must have in Jesus & in God’s salvation; a certainty that false teachers & the ungodly don’t have & won’t receive, but instead will only receive the certainty of God’s judgement.

In an uncertain world the only true certainty is Jesus, & his Church is to not only cling to that certainty & have its foundation on it but we’re to emerge & grow into beacons of faith & hope in Jesus;
to be a Certain Church in an Uncertain World.

we’d love you to join us – 9am this Sunday.



We’d love you to join us at Coorparoo this Sunday as we begin the new 2PeterPromo_everythingforlifegodlinessyear with a new series through the New Testament letter of 2 Peter: Everything for Life & Godliness.


This week we open up chapter 1 where Peter urges the early Christians to continue in godliness, to continue living godly lives.


Having already been chosen & saved by God, Peter tells Christians to turn away from sinfulness & false teaching, & to put into practice what they’ve already been taught about living as God’s people – a message that all believers need to continually hear.


Join us, 9am this Sunday


2015sermonseries2015 will be rich in Bible teaching with some great sermon series planned for the year
. January kicks off with a looking into Peter’s second letter to the early scattered Church, but closely followed by a sweeping series of Biblical Theology covering the entire story of the Bible in 10 sermons.

join us for a great year.





As with every year, CPC gets a bit crazy over the holiday period & so our service times tend to change slightly to accommodate for the Christmas & holiday season. Below are the service times for both December & January.


This Sunday will be our 5th last week in John’s Gospel, so come join us as we start looking together at Jesus final few hours.

This week in John chapter 16 Jesus is urging his disciples to keep their trust in him when everything around them is crumbling, during times of persecution when the temptation to compromise would be luring.

Jesus explains why they need to keep trusting – he’s about to leave them, & they will soon face sorrow, persecution & rejection

But Jesus also tells them how they keep their trust in him, how they keep from falling away from faith in him – knowing that suffering is only temporary, seeing that Jesus resurrection brings hope & assurance, seeing that everything Jesus has been saying is coming true, & biggest way of all…knowing that Jesus has overcome the world!

Join us Sunday as we talk about trusting in Jesus, a very relevant message for today.

8:30am & 10am

A great morning, our last Women’s Breakfast for 2014.

40 women of all ages enjoyed a fantastic breakfast & took some time out to think about what the countdown the Christmas should be about.

Join us in 2015 when our Women’s Ministry events start up again.