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Tomorrow @ Coorparoo we open up John chapter 13 together. This chapter is all about washing feet, Jesus washing his disciples feet to be exact.

As Jesus crouches at the disciples dirty feet, giving up his role as the teacher to become the household servant, we’re shown a very physical & confronting demonstration of the sacrificial, humble love of Jesus, a real love that must be imitated by all those who belong to him.

But as we sit in contemplation of what this means for us, we’re also reminded that this is also, & simultaneously, a symbolic demonstration pointing us to the sacrificial love of Jesus at the Cross, a perfect love that must underpin & motivate everything we do in our love for one another – to love as Jesus has loved us.

Join us tomorrow, we’d love you to be there,
8:30am or 10am

This Sunday we open up John’s Gospel and read through the last half of the book as John takes us to see the Cross we Jesus gave his life in humble sacrifice.

This week is about “Our Desires & God’s Glory”, where we’ll be looking at the prayer of Mary & Martha to Jesus in raising Lazarus.

Why did they ask? What did they expect? Come & see how Jesus answered their questions & ultimately answered their prayer in talking about eternal life.

join us, 8:30am or 10am.

This Sunday we conclude our series through Galatians; A Call to Freedom.

Wow, what a book. Paul’s letter to the early church in Galatia has taught us of Jesus once for all sacrifice for sin, that he alone presents us right, justified, & holy before our great gracious God as son’s & daughters, & as heirs to the Kingdom of God.

Galatians has taught & reminded us again of the freedom we have in Christ, a freedom that must be lived out as followers of Jesus, living for our God in every part of our lives.

Paul’s words have also come as a warning to us, to beware of falling into thinking that our freedom is for us to exploit, that Jesus death & resurrection only accomplished part of our justification & it’s up to us to fill in the rest.

The message of Galatians as we’ve looked at it over these last 6 weeks has been that the Gospel + Anything = no Gospel at all. Jesus won it all, his blood washes us clean & declares us right before God, & calls us free to live for him.

Join us this Sunday as we finish our Galatians series with Chapter 6; A New Creation.
8:30am or 10am

This Sunday we open up Galatians chapter 3 in looking at Paul’s arguments to the early church for why the Christians in Galatia should not desert the Gospel for cultural acceptance.

As we look through Paul’s challenge to the Galatians we see him raise 3 aspects to remember in keeping the Gospel as central; the Galatians personal experience & Abraham’s experience, understanding the proper place of the law, and knowing that we as believers have been saved for sonship.

join us as we work through this great letter together,

8:30am or 10am

This Sunday we come to the temporary close on our series on John’s Gospel, looking at “True Life in Jesus”, finishing with chapter 10. After a 10 week look at the book of Galatians, we’ll be back to see Jesus start the long walk to Calvary.

This weeks we’ll be looking at how Jesus’ followers are eternally linked to him and follow him, particularly as his journey to the cross is getting shorter.
We’ll be singing songs that talk about the privileged union with Christ that believers have through the Holy Spirit.

8:30am or 10am

This Sunday Andrew Pearce will again be joining us & looking at Psalm 18, our God is Mighty to Save.

In Psalm 18 we discover a king who was held prisoner within the foundations of the earth, the fingers of death had dragged him down & surrounded him…but then God rescues him. This king’s then taken from the depths of the grave to the heights of the world & is given the power of God to rule the world.

It turns out this king is both David AND Jesus.

join us for this great Psalm of a Great God who Saves!
8:30am or 10am

This Sunday we head back into John’s gospel to open up chapter 9 together.

This week we’re asking the question “who’s the boss here?” as we look at the Pharisee’s trail against Jesus claim’s of divinity. We’re looking at John’s themes of revelation, judgement & unbelief as he records Jesus interactions with the people after healing a man of his life long illness.

Why not join us this week & see Jesus compelling words for yourself, we’d love to see you.

This Sunday we’ve hit John chapter 8, a chapter of John’s Gospel well known for Jesus bold claim to be the “Light of the World”.

This promised one, alluded to through Isaiah, Psalms and many other Old Testament books as “the Light”, was the one God would send to bring Light, Life & Salvation to all those lost in sin & darkness. Jesus is saying that he’s come to bring “real life” for all those who put their faith in him.

The excitement of chapter 8 is in the great gift of life that Jesus promises – real life & real relationship with God, but the confronting part of chapter 8 comes as we’re exposed to the hard reality of death for those who reject Jesus & remain in sin & darkness.

Sunday is a reminder of God’s great promise of life for those who believe in Jesus.

We’d love you to join us, 8:30am or 10am

Next Sunday we’ll be taking a short detour from our John series to dip into one of John’s letters to the early church.
Our Children’s Ministry Worker, Thom Lowther, will be preaching from chapter 2 as we unpack what it means to have false teaching in our midst.


This Sunday we’re checking out Jesus statement to stop judging by mere appearances, and to make a right judgement.

As we continue through our current series, the Gospel According to John: True Life in Jesus, chapter 7 shows us 3 examples of people who don’t look beyond the surface before coming to a conclusion about who Jesus is – Jesus brothers, the crowd & the Pharisees.

Sunday is about unpacking what’s required to see below the surface & why we don’t dig deeper, how to tell what’s true about Jesus, & what’s on offer if we make that effort.

Join us, 8:30am or 10am.