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This Sunday we’ll be continuing our new sermon series on the Gospel according to John: true life in Jesus, & as it’s Palm Sunday with Easter coming up, we’ll be skipping ahead to Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

In opening up John chapter 12 we see Jesus entrance as the Messianic King, the great Saviour of man, while the people saw him as the long awaited King of the Jews, all of which is shadowed by Jesus pending death.

we’d love you to join us, 8:30am or 10am

zinc-acneThese holidays we’ll be holding our first Holiday Tribe for the year.

Holiday Tribes are social “hangouts” over the holiday break for all high school aged kids to give them something fun to do, a chance to keep connecting with each other over the break, & to give an opportunity for their friends to meet those who run “Night Shift” (our high school youth group) & hopefully see that it’s a place for them to come along & a place for them to belong.

All high school aged kids are most welcome to join us, so if you’d like more info please email Rob Davey, CPC’s Student Pastor – rob@coorparoo.org.au


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”….

join us this week as we open up John’s gospel together, showing us where true life is found. We’ll be unpacking the gospel of John over the next few months, so why not take the chance to read ahead.

To kick off our series, Phil Case will be taking us through chapter 1 in seeing the Jesus that has John believing in, then over the easter break we’ll be looking at John account of the death & resurrection of Jesus.


ResurrectionThis Sunday, Glen Hohnberg from the City Bible Forum will be joining us as he takes us into the resurrection of Jesus.

We’d love you to join us to, as together we’ll spend time Hearing the Gospel, learning what it means to respond to what we hear in Living the Gospel, & encouraging each other to Share the Gospel both with each other & to those around us.

Sunday, 8:30am & 10am.

Last Sunday we heard our 2nd last talk in our series on Judges, looking at “A Cross Section of Sin”.

This week we finish our 5 week journey, unpacking the last 5 chapters as we ask the question: “Who will be our King?”

Chapters 17 to 21 show us the idolatrous heart of Israel that flourished throughout the time of the Judges, a heart that had rejected God as King to worship everything else.
This idolatry lead to a complete deterioration & distortion of family, religious and social cultures – Israel was lost within a “kingless” society from rejecting God as their King.

God’s grace is shown amidst & to sinful man in Jesus, that as God’s perfect King he rescues man from their deepest darkest sinfulness & gives them a new heart – one that can now turn to God & live in worship of him.

Join us 8:30am & 10am

judges2This Sunday we head back into the book of Judges, this time checking out Gideon & Abimelech.

As Israel struggles to live faithfully under God, abandoning him for empty idols, they fall further & further down their sinful spiral, but their ever faithful God still hasn’t abandoned them.

This week we’re talking “Kingship” & we see that Israel rejects God as their King in demand for Gideon, but after Gideon refuses Abimelech is more then happy to grab the crown for himself.

Isn’t God King? something the Israelites have long forgotten.
Isn’t Jesus our King? something we today can quite easy forget.


Good Morning Ladies & welcome to our first Women’s Breakfast for 2014, that’s right, our first Women’s Breakfast for the year will be held on Saturday 22nd March, starting at 8am.

This will be the first of 3 breakfasts we’ll be organising in 2014, with other women’s events dotted throughout the year.

Our Women’s breakfasts, as with all our events, are open to all women, of all ages, from all walks of life, so let the world know, come along & invite your friends, come join us to enjoy both a fantastic breakfast & also the fantastic company of many other women.

During the morning we’ll be filled with a beautiful breakfast from pastries & muffins to fruit & yoghurt, complemented by some smooth espresso coffee or tea.

We also have some different ladies from the church family at CPC who’ll be sharing throughout the morning of some of their experiences in being Godly women, words of encouragement, challenge & faith.

We’ve love you to be apart of this first breakfast, come join us for what will be a great morning.

let us know you can make it at the link: http://www.coorparoo.org.au/contact-us/

The 9th of March will be a combined service of the 8:30am & the 10am congregations.

We’ll be looking together at our 3rd sermon in our new Judges series, unpacking chapters 6 to 10.

Following the service will be CPC’s Annual General Meeting.

This week at CPC we continue our new series, “Stepping Stones through Judges: living without a King” with Rob Davey opening up chapters 3 to 5 for us.

Last week Phil Case kicked off the series with a graphic overview of the state of God’s people who’d entered the promised land and were now faced with the temptation of rejecting God in exchange for the idols of the land around them.

spoiler alert…they do.

This week we see that in the face of Israel’s increasing idolatry God reminds the people that is the one true God of all power, of all authority & of all faithfulness, that he is the great God of salvation that brought the people up out of Egypt.

And as we look forward to the New Testament we see this is all demonstrated so clearly in Jesus, who is not only the one true perfect Judge, but the one who claims all power over sin, all authority over death & all faithfulness in being the perfect Saviour of sinful man.

we’d love you to join us this week, 8:30am & 10am

BBCampFlier2014Our annual Boys & Blokes Camp is on again for 2014, but this year we’re heading to Wivenhoe Dam over the weekend of the 28th – 30th March, to enjoy some great company, a spot of fishing, swimming & intense unwinding.

This weekend is a great weekend to be inviting friends, workmates and neighbours to join with a bunch of other guys, both young and young at heart, to get outdoors and simply enjoy a weekend of camping.

The cost will be $30p/p which includes all your camping cost and all your food cost for the weekend, fishing costs are extra and can be paid on the day.

If your keen to come, contact Rob Davey; rob@coorparoo.org.au



Beginning in February is our new series on the Old Testament book of Judges; “Stepping Stones through Judges – living without a King”.


Over this 9 week series we’ll be drawing out and unpacking some of the big chapters of Judges and seeing for ourselves what life can spiral down to when we live without a king, when we live with compromising or with the complete rejection of God.

As we see what happened for the people of Israel in a time when “there was no king in Israel” & “everyone did as they saw fit”, we today are reminded of the necessity of living with Jesus as our King and not compromising or rejecting him in our lives.



This year CPC is excited to welcome the newest member of our ministry team, Thomas Lowther.

Tom’s joined CPC from the Presbyterian Church at Dalby, where he was working with them in their children’s ministry, but as of February the kids at Coorparoo will get to see Tom in action as he heads things up as our new Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator.

Tom’s bio is on our Ministry Team page for you to check out, but why not come and introduce yourself to Tom one Sunday at Coorparoo.


This coming Friday our high school youth group known as Night Shift will kick off again for another year, and the party will be great.

The night will host a massive inflatable gladiator ring which will see some great action, while other awesome games will keep the night going.

Great food is also on the agenda, as well as an opportunity to chill out together with a short devotion that will get us focusing on the year ahead.

There’s plenty of details on our youth ministry page, so we’d love to see you there.

This Sunday we’ll be wrapping up our current mini-series working our way through what it means to Hear the Gospel, Live the Gospel, & Share the Gospel in finding Real Life in Jesus.

As we turn again to the book of Romans, Paul teaches us about what Sharing the Gospel looks like; it’s all about our attitude.

“Sharing the Gospel is the colour, that someone who is Living the Gospel paints their life with”

Sharing the Gospel is the ultimate expression of a life lived in response to the gospel; if we’re truly living the gospel – then sharing it will be unavoidable. “Sharing the Gospel” becomes the way in which we speak & act towards one another, both to believers and non-believers, where our relationships are shaped, influenced & inspired by the gospel and the desire to demonstrate it to the world in word and action.