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BBCampFlier2014Our annual Boys & Blokes Camp is on again for 2014, but this year we’re heading to Wivenhoe Dam over the weekend of the 28th – 30th March, to enjoy some great company, a spot of fishing, swimming & intense unwinding.

This weekend is a great weekend to be inviting friends, workmates and neighbours to join with a bunch of other guys, both young and young at heart, to get outdoors and simply enjoy a weekend of camping.

The cost will be $30p/p which includes all your camping cost and all your food cost for the weekend, fishing costs are extra and can be paid on the day.

If your keen to come, contact Rob Davey; rob@coorparoo.org.au



Beginning in February is our new series on the Old Testament book of Judges; “Stepping Stones through Judges – living without a King”.


Over this 9 week series we’ll be drawing out and unpacking some of the big chapters of Judges and seeing for ourselves what life can spiral down to when we live without a king, when we live with compromising or with the complete rejection of God.

As we see what happened for the people of Israel in a time when “there was no king in Israel” & “everyone did as they saw fit”, we today are reminded of the necessity of living with Jesus as our King and not compromising or rejecting him in our lives.



This year CPC is excited to welcome the newest member of our ministry team, Thomas Lowther.

Tom’s joined CPC from the Presbyterian Church at Dalby, where he was working with them in their children’s ministry, but as of February the kids at Coorparoo will get to see Tom in action as he heads things up as our new Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator.

Tom’s bio is on our Ministry Team page for you to check out, but why not come and introduce yourself to Tom one Sunday at Coorparoo.


This coming Friday our high school youth group known as Night Shift will kick off again for another year, and the party will be great.

The night will host a massive inflatable gladiator ring which will see some great action, while other awesome games will keep the night going.

Great food is also on the agenda, as well as an opportunity to chill out together with a short devotion that will get us focusing on the year ahead.

There’s plenty of details on our youth ministry page, so we’d love to see you there.

This Sunday we’ll be wrapping up our current mini-series working our way through what it means to Hear the Gospel, Live the Gospel, & Share the Gospel in finding Real Life in Jesus.

As we turn again to the book of Romans, Paul teaches us about what Sharing the Gospel looks like; it’s all about our attitude.

“Sharing the Gospel is the colour, that someone who is Living the Gospel paints their life with”

Sharing the Gospel is the ultimate expression of a life lived in response to the gospel; if we’re truly living the gospel – then sharing it will be unavoidable. “Sharing the Gospel” becomes the way in which we speak & act towards one another, both to believers and non-believers, where our relationships are shaped, influenced & inspired by the gospel and the desire to demonstrate it to the world in word and action.

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our new 3 week mini-series looking at 3 essential words to the Christian faith; Hear, Live & Share.

This week is about “Living the Gospel” and understanding what it truly means to have a life that is shaped and dictated to by the Gospel of Jesus. What we’ll see is that it’s all about a change of perspective – off ourselves and onto God. This is a change from “doing” Christianity where we live a life of works that only brings glory to us, to “being” a Christian where we live a life of response to what God has done for us through Jesus that only brings glory to Him.

We’re great at “doing” but not so great at “being”.

As we desire for Real Life in Jesus we’re reminded throughout the Bible that it’s all about the Gospel, it’s all about Jesus, so in order to have Real Life in Jesus we must gather together around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in Hearing the Gospel, Living the Gospel  and Sharing the Gospel.

We’d love you to join us this Sunday @ 9am, as we unpack together what it truly means to Live the Gospel in finding Real Life in Jesus.


This Sunday we’ll be starting a 3 week mini-series looking at 3 essential words to the Christian faith; Hear, Live & Share.

As we desire for Real Life in Jesus we’re reminded throughout the Bible that it’s all about the Gospel, it’s all about Jesus, so in order to have Real Life in Jesus we must gather together around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hearing the Gospel, Living the Gospel  and Sharing the Gospel are vital to being followers of Jesus, not because these particular words are anything special but because they give us a simple reminder of what’s important and essential to having Real Life in Jesus.

We’d love you to join us this Sunday.

MensBreakfastFlierFebruaryThis coming February will see the first of our 2014 Men’s Breakfasts kick off, and we’ll be kicking off over the smooth aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

As we enjoy our usual cold breakfast of cereals, fruit and yoghurt, and our hot BBQ breakfast of breakfast snags, bacon, eggs, onion and hash browns, we’ll be delighted by a local cafe barista as he takes us through how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Over the morning we’ll be introduced to all things coffee – selecting, brewing, buying, making and most of all drinking and enjoying. If you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t be put off, we have plenty of varieties of tea and juice to quench your thirst.

As well as being an opportunity to learn something new; like the art of coffee making, our Men’s Breakfasts at CPC are a enjoyable time of getting together with the men and boys of our church and local community to sit, chat, laugh and encourage one another in Jesus.

We kick off at 7:30am on Saturday the 22nd February at the church building in Coorparoo, and we normally finish at about 9:30/10am, so plenty of time to get home to mow the lawn.

You won’t need to bring anything, the breakfast is free, but if you’d like to donate to help cover cost that is greatly appreciated. Although one thing you can bring is another guy; maybe a neighbour, a friend, a workmate, or a family member – everyone is welcome to come and join us.

For more information you can contact Rob Davey here. We’ll see you on the 22nd.

AussieDayPicnicFlierThis Australia Day join us down at Majestic Park, in Coorparoo, at 10:30am to kick back and relax over a BBQ lunch.

Enjoy some great Aussie games or just lay back on a rug and enjoy the sunshine.

It’s BYO lunch, so bring whatever you’d like, but BBQ’s are available, and feel free to invite your friends, family and neighbours – all are welcome.

For more information please contact Rob Davey.

Starting again in 2014 are our Women’s Breakfasts.IMG_1076

Official dates are still to be finalised, but our Women’s breakfasts are great opportunities to gather together with other women and enjoy a delicious hot or cold breakfast. Over the year we’ll have a variety of women sharing with us over breakfast about a range of different topics, but all promise to be one that you can’t miss.

We want to encourage the ladies of our church and our community, both young and the young at heart, and our breakfasts are a chance to share, laugh, enjoy and get to know new and old friends.

Stay tuned for information here at our Women’s Ministry page.

in 2013 we were privileged to host our first Marriage Course event, which saw a handful of couples meeting together over the course of a few weeks to strengthen and enrich their marriages. 2014 will see our second course going ahead, this time held earlier in the year.

More details will be posted soon here but in the meantime, if you’re interested why not send us a quick message via the email form here.

We’re really looking forward to you joining us as we together build a stronger community where good healthy marriages are important.

Important-253x162At CPC we want to reach and support all the members of the family in providing an opportunity for everyone to experience real community and real relationships, as well as a chance to enjoy getting together with others and have some fun.

With that in mind we’ve booked in the dates throughout 2014 for our men to get together. This year we’re excited to be hosting 3 men’s breakfasts, our annual Boy’s and Blokes camp again and another Blokes Event later in the year.

These dates may be tweaked slightly as the time approaches and unforeseen issues arise, but to keep connected check out our Men’s Ministry Page for all the information, dates and to rsvp.


Next Sunday we finally unpack the last chapter of the Apostle Peter’s first letter to the Christian Church, dispersed across the known world by God in order that the gospel be lived out, clung to and exampled for the world to see and believe in.

We close Peter’s letter with a call to ‘be who you are called to be’, with Peter urging Christians everywhere to step up in faith and to stand firm in hope, and live as God’s people in every situation. Peter takes us into the roles of both elders and young people, those that lead and those that follow, to show us that we must live out the calling we have in order that we as a community of believers, as the church, can stand firm against the tempting lure and it’s damaging consequences, of the ‘prowling lion’ that is Satan.

Join us at 8:30am or 10:00am to finish this great letter together.

ThessaloniansPromoBeginning on Sunday 25th August is our new sermon series unpacking the book of 1 Thessalonians.

Join us on Sundays to see how the Apostle Paul shows us the Shape of the Gospel through his letter of encouragement and teaching to the Christians in the city of Thessalonica.

Coming up bright and early on the morning of Saturday the 17th is our next Men’s Breakfast.

Join us for a great hot breakfast from snags to hash browns, to eggs and crispy bacon, or simple enjoy a smooth espresso coffee and a delicious bowl of cereal.

The morning will be a fantastic opportunity to chat and enjoy each others company and a chance to read the bible together and to encourage one another in faith in Jesus.

Breakfast is available from 7:30 and is a free breakfast but we welcome donations to help cover costs.


Beginning this Sunday at the same time as our regular Children’s Church, is our new creche for those kids not yet in school. With our number of kids ready for a creche steadily growing, it was decided to launch them into a group of their own.

During creche the kids will explore the Bible, learn songs and interact through craft and play, all focused to teach about the real life and hope that is only found in Jesus.

Our Creche kids will head out with their leaders at the same time as the older kids, after the Kids Talk and Song during 10am Church.

For any information about any of our Kids or Youth Ministries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.