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Why Jesus?

Who Jesus is

The good news about Jesus is that he’s God become man. He is God’s King, promised long ago, who has come to rule creation. As for his human nature, he is descended from King David. As for his divine, he is the eternal Son of God. God’s purpose for creation is to have a people with whom he can dwell, love and serve. He desires that we know him personally in an intimate relationship and to give us every good thing.

Why Jesus matters – Why do we need him?

Natural disasters; manmade disasters; national, corporate and personal evil all permeate this world. Mankind can rise to great heights of good, but can quickly descend into the depths of evil. We are all capable of great love, but also of great evil. The world is not as it was when God first created it. Mankind has rebelled against God. Mankind seeks determine its own destiny without reference to God. None of us seeks God to honour him for who he is, as our creator and judge. We have all offended God by ignoring his rule and setting up our own rule for life. Consequently, we live in a broken world.

However, God’s a God of perfect love. As such he is perfectly just. Every offence must be paid for. We ourselves agree with this when an injustice is done against us or one we love. A judge who does not act with justice is corrupt. God is rightly angry about the injustice we each show toward him and to one another. Each one of us has a heart that says “No” to him as our ruler. That makes us rebels in his kingdom. As rebels that have offended a loving & just God, we come under his condemnation. That means separation from our source of life. It means death.

The only way God can be just and yet not destroy all mankind is if he has a way of being just and at the same time being able to forgive those who have offended against his rule. God achieved this by becoming a man, Jesus of Nazareth and taking upon himself the condemnation we deserve. Jesus lived the perfect life. At all points he was obedient to God – he showed us what it is to be fully human. He had no offence to pay for, and he gave his perfect life to pay the penalty for our offences. In paying for our offences, Jesus removed the barrier that prevented us approaching a loving and just God.

Jesus is God’s “Yes” to our “No”. Jesus is God stepping into our world to put it to rights.

Jesus is God saying to the world “I love you”. Not with a bunch of flowers, but with a bloody self-sacrifice on a Roman cross. Jesus put it this way, “God loved the world in this way: he gave his one and only son, so that whoever puts his trust in him will never perish, but will have life everlasting”.

Death could not hold Jesus. Jesus was executed as a blasphemer because he said he was the Christ, the son of God. But God overturned that judgement because Jesus is the Christ, and raised him from the dead. Now God is offering an amnesty: All who change their thinking about Jesus, turning from ignoring him to acknowledging him as God’s rightful ruler of the world are forgiven all their offences. They reconnect with their creator through Jesus and receive the life of God indwelling them. Right now God is offering us real life with him. Starting now and stretching into forever — Real life in Jesus.

How to have real life in Jesus

Real life is experienced by having the life of God indwell you. God promises this to all who put their trust in Jesus as Saviour and King.

This can be expressed personally as simply as saying to God, “I have not acknowledged you are God. I have not honoured and trusted in Jesus as I should. I have not treated others as I should. I’m sorry God. Forgive me because of Jesus. I now determine to obey Jesus as my King trusting that he has made me right with you and that his way is the best way.

Trusting in Jesus means accepting God’s forgiveness through what Jesus has done on that cross. It means knowing for sure that God has forgiven us in Jesus, and therefore we’re going to share in the better world God is bringing to pass.

Those who do not see they have a need for forgiveness from God will not seek the forgiveness God offers in Jesus. Jesus is the doctor who came for the sick – for those who know that are not right with God, but know they should be and want to be. Jesus came for the weary, the heavy laden and for those who “long for a world beyond the barricade”. Jesus is for those want real life.

And real life is in Jesus.

What next?

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