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Growth Groups


At CPC we want everyone to be part of a Growth Group.

Growth Groups are an important way for people to grow in their relationship with God and with others, being connected, encouraged and equipped.

A Growth Group is a small group of up to about 10 people who meet regularly to study the Bible, pray and support each other.  You’ll find the studies, which are designed to help you go deeper with the Bible and apply it to your life, interesting, understandable and fun.

Our growth groups continue to meet with a mix of face to face and Zoom gatherings. Contact your group leader for updates or ask for more information.

Mixed Group – meets in home Yeronga @7pm
Leaders: Gerhard & Jenni

Ladies Group – meets at the Church @ 9:30am
Leader: Rose

Mixed Group – meets at home in Coorparoo @ 7pm
Leader: Jeff

Mixed Group – Meets Fortnightly in the Church @ 9:30am
Leader: David